Termin und Veranstaltungsort

11. September 2018

Information und Kontakt:
Prolog Co.
Tel. +7-481-2-38-29-31

Agenda 2018

Die Agenda sowie weiterführende Informationen finden Sie hier.


Hier finden Sie einen inhaltlichen Überblick über die Themen 2017.

  • Welcome and overview of the agenda  
  • Accelerate your programming with usability improvements in the CODESYS Development System  
  • Visualization made easy with new features and products for every aspect of CODESYS Visualization  
  • Security in Automation – possible threats and integrated measures in CODESYS  
  • Security in Automation – combination of IT security with automation systems. Kaspersky Security System.  
  • Security in Automation – demonstrations:
    – implementation of security in CODESYS
    – presentation  and  practical demonstration
    – new secure CODESYS RTU Xtorm (Altus) with integrated Embedded Security Shield  
  • Automated testing of POUs in CODESYS with convenient test scripts and tables  
  • PLC product for Store - VAR SOM PLC core  
  • Discover useful details about your own application with the tools of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition  
  • Planning with the CODESYS roadmap – Preview of planned products and features