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2018 pausiert die CODESYS Users Conference. Termin und Veranstaltungsort 2019 werden demnächst bekannt gegeben.


Hier finden Sie einen inhaltlichen Überblick über die Themen 2017. Die Agenda 2019 wird demnächst veröffentlicht.

  • Welcome and overview of the agenda  
  • Accelerate your programming – with usability improvements in the CODESYS Development System  
  • Visualization made easy – with new features and products for every aspect of CODESYS Visualization  
  • Secure data exchange with the PLC – with encrypted communication in CODESYS  
  • Optimize application development – with products and services customized for CODESYS users  
  • Engineering safety applications in CODESYS – on distributed IEC 61508 SIL3-compatible PLCs  
  • Using CODESYS as a fieldbus gateway – with integrated protocol stacks for different platforms  
  • Automated testing of POUs in CODESYS – with convenient test scripts and tables  
  • Planning with the CODESYS roadmap – Preview of planned products and features