Release Notes: CODESYS Trace

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
TRACE-172 Improvement

Signal Pane: Always copy the original tracevariable when duplicating a tracediagramvariable

No new diagram will be created when pasting a variable into an existing diagram.
The variable wil always be added into the currently selected diagram (if currently a variable is selected the affected diagram is the diagram the variable belongs to).
When pasting a variable into a diagram a new variable will be added to the trace recording
TRACE-161 Improvement

[Technical Debt] Remove SonarQube issues from OptionHelpers.cs

TRACE-160 Improvement

Scripting: Check and improve python stubs

TRACE-150 Bug

Trigger variable of type REAL can only use integer trigger levels

TRACE-149 Bug

Public Interface: endless recursion in TraceVariableList.IndexOf method

TRACE-134 Bug

Refactoring: Change of axis name does not work in the Trace Object.

TRACE-125 Bug

Trace can not be saved as CSV because of parameter values

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
When exporting a trace configuration with unknown variables/parameters suitable types for the corresponding signals will be determined by evaluating the recorded values. Warnings in the message view give detailed information in this case.
TRACE-124 Bug

Refactoring in Trace is not executed

TRACE-123 Bug

Upload Trace from Device Trace usability dialog

TRACE-122 Improvement

Device Trace is only working on the top level device in the device tree

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new interface "IDeviceTraceObject" to enable adding device traces also in subdevices. The new interface activates only the menu for adding a device trace object.
TRACE-121 Improvement

Usability: Trace: a cursor reset reopens all collapsed diagrams and resets the width of the resp. columns

TRACE-120 Improvement

Trace, Configuration: Automatic adjustment of trace variable / parameter type combo-box

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The signal type (variable/parameter) is now detected automatically.
TRACE-119 Improvement

Trace: Menu item “Set variable name as Diagram Description” on variable in right side tree

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New context menu command "Use variable name as y axis label"
* supports multiselection
* enabled if at least one variable is selected
Table supports Ctrl-A to select all variables
TRACE-118 Bug

Trace: the cursor moves completely to the left side of the diagram

TRACE-117 Improvement

Trace: Smoothen Copy Paste of trace variables (/ diagrams) in right side tree

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The behaviour how copied variables are pasted is "as designed".
If the user uses a recent trace configuration (trace object created with V3.5 SP11 or newer, i.e. capable to handle multiple diagrams with multiple variables per diagram) and the diagram to paste into already contains the copied variable pasting a copied variable creates a new diagram containing the copied variable.
Reason: The configuration dialog allows only to add existing variables, that are not yet part of the diagram.
A copied variable can be pasted into the diagram if the diagram does not yet contain the variable.
TRACE-116 Improvement

Trace: after loading a saved trace, no info/heading or similar is displayed

TRACE-115 Bug

If we selected a diagram from the list on the right-hand side, the wrong diagram is highlighted

TRACE-113 Bug

Invalid trace variable (Invalid expression (Identifier 'GVL' not defined)) GVL.newVar

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Variables and POUs that are nowhere used in the application are not downloaded to the runtime, therefore these variables can't be traced. Workaround: use the "link always" property in the build options.
TRACE-112 Improvement

Trace: Keep scrolling position when switching visibility of trace variables in right side tree

TRACE-111 Improvement

Trace: Possibility to hide diagrams in trace variables view

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New command "Hide diagrams" in the dropdown menu of the SignalPane.
TRACE-110 Improvement

Trace: Save sizing info of each trace window on window close and restore it on re-open

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The splitter position and the column widths are stored for each trace independently, both in offline and online perspective
TRACE-108 Bug

Spelling error in dialog: "The trace already exits on the device"

TRACE-65 Bug

Trace: After_Device_Logout is triggered when closing Trace editor

TRACE-64 Bug

Trace: Non-numeric values can be entered in textfields, that require numeric data

TRACE-42 Bug

Add Diagram: Name of Diagram is not localized

TRACE-40 Bug

Text in Trace Configuration dialog not displayed completely

TRACE-39 Epic

ScriptEngine, Trace: Trace should be controllable by python scripts

TRACE-13 Bug

Implementation of the method CheckRelationships in the class TraceObject is wrong