Release Notes: CODESYS SFC

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
SFC-70 Improvement

SFC: Input language for "Add action" should not always remains set for "AS" for embedded implementations

SFC-66 Bug

SFC: Automatic action renaming on step renaming with active "Duplicate on copy": User defined action names are renamed according to the SFC naming rules on step renaming

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In agreeement with the product management, this issue will not be fixed because the effort far exceeds the benefit.

Details: In CDS-49619 the rule "Action name like step name" was implemented, which we think is a useful improvement.

Now it is requested to disable this rule if the action has been renamed manually before. The names of the embedded actions are irrelevant; from us thought/recommended UseCase - you don't see the actions in the tree at all.
This requires, among other things, the change of the storage format, complicated handling and additional - for most probably difficult to understand - options in user interface. With this requirement, the effort is disproportionate to the benefit.
SFC-65 Improvement

SFC: Allow user to hide/show embedded objects in diff view

SFC-62 Bug

SFC, Editor: Unintended change of Transition POU name

SFC-48 Bug

SFC: SFCErrorAnalyzation has wrong value in a specific case

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix, because the feature works as expected by turning on the option "SFC->Build->Calculate active transitition only".
SFC-44 Bug

SFC: association is not used correctly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed because the expectation in the description is not taking into account that IEC step actions are directly associated with their step and cannot be called by another step (or writing/forcing). This is as designed and described in the online help:
https://help.codesys.com/webapp/_cds_sfc_element_action;product=codesys;version= -> "In contrast to step actions, you can use different qualifiers for IEC actions. Moreover, each IEC action is provided with a control flag. This directs CODESYS to execute an action only one time at any moment, even if the action is called by another step at the same time. This cannot be guaranteed for step actions."