Release Notes: CODESYS EtherNet/IP

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
EIP-715 Bug

CLONE - Scanner Extension: Memory corruption in case of large assemblies.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by EIP-440
EIP-692 Bug

CLONE - QoS: QoS test sometimes fails on RaspberryPi because file operation for NV objects takes too long.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by EIP-571.
EIP-688 Bug

CLONE - QoS: Wrong DSCP is used for LOW priority I/O messages.

EIP-686 Bug

CLONE - Ethernet/IP Adapter: Null reference exception if ForwardOpen with Instance 0 Assembly is received.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by EIP-91
EIP-677 Bug

CLONE - Tcp/IP Attribute 3 returns wrong value when IP settings are changed while stack is running.

EIP-676 Bug

CLONE - List Identity Reset: Remove code and return Device State Conflict.

Reset type 0 of Identity object now returns Device State Conflict error.
Required for certification.