Release Notes: CODESYS CFC

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
CFC-166 Improvement

CFC: Directly open correct fb instance in online mode even if PRG is not part of the application

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
While an application is logged in, a doubleclick on a CFC Block within a program below this application will:
- open the online instance of the Block (if a fitting local instance is available and the program is part of the running application)
- open the online instance of the Block (if a fitting global instance is available that is part of the running application)
- open the "select instance" dialog for the type of the Block (if there is no fitting instance available, but there are other online instances of the same type)
CFC-165 Bug

Refactoring: changing a STRUCT variable in a GVL is not performed at all referenced locations

CFC-161 Improvement

Possibilities to add a new space area in CFC editor

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new command "Select everything below" available that will:
- select all elements in a CFC Editor below a certain position where the context menu was called by mouse
- select all elements below the lowest selected element (when a selection in the editor is still present)

Elements selected this way may be easily moved by mouse with drag and drop or by keyboard (pressing SHIFT + arrow keys) to rearrange parts of the elements in the editor for example to create more space to insert new elements.
CFC-159 Bug

CFC: Refactoring (rename) of a GVL variable does not work

CFC-158 Bug

Refactoring: Remove input causes assertion

CFC-131 Bug

Double click in a FB doesn't open the correct instance

CFC-67 Bug

CFC: Watchboxes show wrong values when inputs are forced with (Force Function Block Input)